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Bertrand L. Comparet


Upon reading these most interesting discussions, one will quickly recognize that the author is an ardent student of the Bible and particularly eschatology or the study of the prophecies of the things which have already taken place, the things that are now taking place, and the things that are yet to take place in the future. He is an ordained minister. His studies in this area of thought extend back over a period of thirty years.

One will quickly appreciate also, the straight forward manner of factual presentation and logical thinking. This is due to his professional training and occupation as a well recognized Attorney at Law. He not only writes in a clear, convincing style, but is distinguished in the pulpit, on the lecture platform, and over the air for his clarity of thought and profound logic.

Bertrand L. Comparet is a native Californian, born in San Diego. He was graduated from Stanford University with the degree of Bachelor of Arts and Jurist Doctor. He was admitted to the California Supreme Court or California Bar in 1926 and by the United States Supreme Court in 1956. From 1926 to 1932 he was a Deputy District Attorney in San Diego County and from 1942 to 1947 was Deputy City Attorney for the City of San Diego. After that time he was in private law practice.

Quite obviously he is a tried and true Christian and a loyal and patriotic American, a believer in a Sovereign America under Constitutional government.

Pastor Bertrand L. Comparet started teaching in 1933 and continued for over 40 years. He returned to the Father in August of 1983. We hope that you not only learn but enjoy his teachings.


Sermons by Bertrand L. Comparet

Your God

Your Savior

Laws of Yahweh

Adam was NOT the First Man!

Man and Beast

The Miracle of the Origin of Our Race

Noah's Flood was NOT Worldwide!

The Sheep and the Goats

Yahshua's Miracles

Why Quote That One?

The Bible is NOT a Jewish Book!


A_Famine_of_Hearing_the_Word_of God

False Prophets

Gathering the Tares

Gods Immigration Law

The Great Masquerade

Historic Proof of Israel's Migrations

Israel in the Book of Revelation

Israel's Fingerprints

The Key to Prophesy

Let's Examine the Evidence

The Word that Christ has Spoken

Whom did Moses Marry ?

Who are the Gentiles ?

What Happened to Cain ?

The Train of Destiny

The Stone of Destiny

The Summit or the Pit

Squandering our Birthright

Scattering the Power of the Holy Race

The Sanctuary and the Dominion

Russian in Bible Prophecy

There's Nothing New Under the Sun

Mystery of Good and Evil

The Comfort of the Scriptures 

Missing Years in the Life of Christ



The Word that Christ has Spoken

The Bible is Scientific

The Book of Esther

The Budding of the Fig Tree

Can Anything be Judeo-Christian ?

Christianity Discriminates

Christianity in the Old Testament

Daniels Fifth Kingdom

The Day of the Lord

The Day of Vengeance

Desytroying many by Peace

The Destruction of America

God Command Racial Segregation

The Good and the Bad Figs

A Higher calling

I Come as a Thief

Israel in the New Testament

Judgement Begins at the House of God

The Kingdom of Heaven

Your Heritage

Why did Christ Come ?

Who are the Jews ?

What Jeremiah Planted

What Gospel ?

Unfaithful Sheperds

There is No Pacifism in the Bible

That's Controverial

Salvation or Redemption

Ruth was an Israelite

Proof the YaShua is the Christ

Not a New Doctrine

Lost Foundations

Man and Beast

The Mark of the Beast

America is a Bible Land