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Hitler's Secretary Traudl Junge

REAL NAME: Humps, Gertraud

BORN: 16 Mar 1920, München
DIED: 10 Feb 2002, München

GRAVE LOCATION: München: Nordfriedhof (28)

Daughter of a brewer in Munich. In 1942 she became one the secretaries of Adolf Hitler and she worked at his headquarters in Rastenburg, East Prussia.

In 1943 she married one of his assistants, Hans Junge,
who died a year later in Normandy.

Junge was present in the Führerbunker in Berlin when Hitler married Eva Braun and she typed out his testament before he committed suiicide.

She was caught by the Russians, but they let her go because she was young an unimportant. She left for her family at Ammersee in April 1946. There she was held and terrorized by the Americans for a few weeks also.

Afterwards she worked as a secretary and a scientific journalist.

A short time before she died of cancer she published "Bis zur letzten Stunde" ("Until the Last Hour"), based on notes that she made during the war.

She claimed that she didn't know any Jews were killed until after the war and that Hitler hardly ever used the word Jew. But she did say that she felt guilt ever after she saw a plague Sophie Scholl in Munich.

She died a few hours after a documentary about her life with Hitler shown at the movie festival in Berlin.

In 2004 the very succesful movie Der Untergang or Downfall was mainly based upon her story.

Basing his script on historian Joachim Fest's "The Downfall: Inside Hitler's Bunker," writer-producer Bernd Eichinger put the story together through Junge's memoirs, "Until the Final Hour: Hitler's Last Secretary" .

In the movie Bruno Ganz protrayed a elderly, grandfatherly Hitler who loved children, dogs.

Downfall is easily one of the greatest National Socialist propganada movies of our time: even though the Writer alledgely never wanted it to be. We urge all Nazi's to view it.



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