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Richard Girnt Butler (February 23, 1918-September 8, 2004) was an American aerospace engineer for Lockheed Aircraft. Mr Butler resigned from Lockeed to start his own church called the church of Jesus Christ Christian, Aryan Nations.

He Cared: Pastor Richard G. Butler is remembered by his attorney Edgar J. Steele.
Final Memories of Pastor Butler:Jim Ramm was with this great man during the last days and provides his insight.
Aryan Nations Photo Album: Images of the sacred North Idaho property before the SPLC Jews and a brainwashed Idaho jury conspired to destroy it
Dr. Pierce Remembers Pastor Butler: The late William Pierce, from the National Alliance talks about the Aryan Nations.

Image taken by Jim Ramm during Pastor's final sermon.

Aryan Nations & Pastor Butler:
Video tributes to his life: Pastor Butler's final sunday service
was recorded three days before his passing on 9/5/04.

Aryan Nations 2004 Congress Image Gallery:
AN 2004 Congress Gallery: This was the last major AN event before Pastor Butler passed. Our staff were present and took hundreds of images, which have been recently compilied into this new online collection.

Aryan Nations Online library:

Aryan Nations Online Library
We currently have one of the largest
and most complete free Racialist
Books and periodicals library.

With over 250 Items, a racial Patriot
could spend months & still not
read everything. Some Topics include: Declassified FBI Reports - The mind of Adolf Hitler - Our Jewish Enemy- Holocaust revisionism - Third Reich Propganada & Publications - WW2 & Third Reich History - David Irving Books - Dr. William Pierce - George Lincoln Rockwell - The Long Overdue Revolution - US Government Corruptions - Racialist Science -
Politically-correct poison and more!

Here's small sampling:

Heraldry of a Nation:
Christian Identity
by Dr. Wesley A. Swift.

Leaderless Resistance:
By Louis Beam.
Civil War 2: The breakup of America:
Thomas Chittum.
James Mason's writings on National Socialist revolution.
None Dare call it conspiracy:
Gary allen.
The passing of a great race:
Madison Grant
The Menace of Multiculturalism:
Cameron McKenzie.
The history of the Swastika:
Thomas Wilson.
Diamond in the dust:
The biography of Ian Stewart.
Mein Kampf:
Adolph HItler's masterpiece about his struggle.

The racial Bias of Civilization:
Alfred A. Konopf.
The Lightning and the Sun:
Savitri Devi.

Fighting the Zionist enemy:
Jewish Human Sacrifice: Many jewish famlies engage in bloody satanic rituals.
Historical Quotes about jews: Quotes from world leaders about the satantic jews.
Israel- A jews only state:
A Journalist explores this truly racist country.
Hater quotes: Blood thirsty jews defame Arabs, the media turns a blind eye to hate.
Mud from Talmud:
Unholy quotes from the vile kike "holy book".
Israel we bless thee! Overview of Heb vermin infecting the planet.
jews that rule the world: Rich Media Kikes that enslave the goyim.
jews that control Hollywood: Meet the Filthy Kikes are behind that Industry.
Jewish Banks :
Listing of ultra-rich kikes are in control of all the world's economies.
Simon Wiesenthal Nazi Murderer: Jewish terror group in action.
White Holocaust:
The jews harvest of death for all goyyim.
The Holohoax:The lies are exposed: Hundreds of questions answered.
Dr. Sigmund Freud: A perverted, cocaine-addicted jewish fraud.
Jewboy George Sorros: Meet the billionare kike behind drud legalization.

Judaism: a vile religion that promotes perversion!
Talmudic Law allows Pedophilia:
The staff from the Aryan Nations analyze the sick sexual teachings of the twisted jewish Talmud. The book of filthy kike laws encourage Baby-raping and other inhuman perversions that are worthy of death. The age of consent according to the talmudic rabbis is three.

This is horrific jewish-filth! Not for children or those
with a weak-stomach! Parental discretion is advised.

Followers of the Reich:
Adolf Hitler: His greatest speeches Pt 1.
Adolf Hitler: More or the Fuehrer's grand speeches, Pt 2.

Hermann Goering:One of his best Speeches.
Joseph Goebbles: Historic essays & speeches
from the master of Third Reich propganada.
Rudolf Hess : Speeches: we honor his service.
Heinrick Himmler: Massive speech, brillant!

Albert Speer:
Tribute to the great Architect.
Hanna Reitsch: Lady Nazi decorated by Hitler: she offered her life to the Reich.
Leni Riefenstahl: Biography of this very talented lady film Director and Artist.
Traudl Jung: Hitlers Secretary & lead character in the movie Downfall.

More Third Reich History:
National Socialist Gallery: Hundreds Pictures and illustrations from the Reich.
America's War Crime:
President Eisenhower's Murder of German POW's.
Camps of the Reich: The facts Not jewish created fantasies.
German Soldier's 10 Commandments: Inside every soldier's paybook.
Hitler's Nuclear Bomb? The traditional view of history is obsolete.
History of the Waffen SS:Totally dedicated to Reich.
Instructional Pamplets Pt.1: Collection of education Info.
Instructional Pamplets Pt.2: Public outreach Info from the Reich.
National Socialism - Faith and Action: The english translation.
Nuremberg Rally 1936: Selected speechs from National Socialists.
Ranks of the Reich: SA and SS ranks and the western equivalents.
Triumph Of The Will Script: Outline of the greatest NS film in history.
Typhus The Phantom Disease:What really killed the Jews in Camps.
Six Million More: The Truth About The kike's Holohoax.

ANP Commander George Lincoln Rockwell:
Commander Rockwell is often considered the greatest White Nationalist Leader, outside of Hitler, of the 20th century. As Naval Aviator and officer, he lived a life of honor. Unlike many current NS "leaders" Rockwell was most willing to go to jai
l for his beliefs and the authorities regularly violated his civil rights.

The following is a classic mugshot of the real Commander.

The art of Propganada: A great pamplet from the one and only commmander.
Rockwell A National Socialist life:
Dr. William Pierce examines the life of this great National Socialist martyr.
Rockwell Quotes: Nationalistic pearls of wisdom from the great leader..
The fable of the ducks and the hens: Writings and art By Rockwell.
What we stand for: Rockwell explains the American Nazi Party.
White self hate the master stroke of the enemy:
An essay from the late Commander George Rockwell.
Rockwell Interview: A filthy groid interviewed him for Playboy Magazine.
Rockwell books online: This Time The World  White Power

Art of the Great One:
Adolf Hitler Paintings:
See the work of the man whom our slanted jewish history books call a "failed artist". Hitler was easily the most hated man who ever walked the planet. Why? Because he openly challenged Jewish power and did what had to be done to save his people. The jews responded by making Hitler the most lied about man whom ever lived. Jews have called him everything from a homosexual and a pedophile to being a filthy jew himself. Jewish media-sponsored lies are always unending. The kikes never forget and never forgive: even after a man is dead they will continue to poison his memory. Regardless of the zionist lies, the jews can never change the fact that Germany once gave the kikes what they so richly earned.

White Power Comics:

The Adventures of White Man:
Whiteman battles the jew from outer space and supercoon.
Created By Rockwell's American Nazi Party.

White Power Comes to Midvale:

Made by the National Socialist White People's Party, Cartoon where White boys stand up to the niggar thugs in school & gain plenty of self-respect.

ARYAN MAN: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Vintage comics by Commander George Lincoln rockwell.

National Socialist Liberation Front Underground Comics:

First printed in 1981. Blood & guts complements of Carl Alfessi.

Note: Internet explorer will display these images in a compressed format to get everything on the screen. In explorer, if you move the cursor around the lower right area of any compressed image a icon will pop up that when clicked, the image will expand to full size. Internet explorer sucks. This site is designed for the Firefox browser...

Aryan Humor:

Haitian Jokes:
What could be funnyer than hundreds of thousands of niggers dying?
Nigger Jokes:

New and improved and plenty
of the original Apeman chuckles.
Mexican Jokes:
Celebrate the degenerate
mexican culture with quality racialist humor.
Jewie Jokes:
Kike, Heb, Yid, roach funnies.
Jewish is communism.
Faggot Jokes:
Stool-pushing homo humor.

Tom Metzger Cartoon Art: Gallery of the greatest racialist humor images.

Visit an old version of our site nukeisrael for these
unbelieveable racial-purification stories:
The synagogue of Slaughter:
Skinheads Ed Ned and Ted bomb dead and shoots lead in the head all the vile jewish reds.
Student Confirms Nigger Kills:

One angry white kid solves his high school nigger problems while firing full-auto fun!
Taco Down:
Inspiring story about one Aryan couple who ambushed a horde of brownskinned spic illegal scum at a wetback watering station.
The Aryan Brotherhood's Big Nig kill:
Report on the great prison Nigger kill of 1971. White boys getting even with racial purification at it's best.

Racialist Names Dictionary:Thousands of cool slurs, includes everyone.
Racialist names Dictionary Part 2: More Cool names and great hate for the muds.

The 'racist' Thesaurus & Dictionary: Check out the definitions for the
words white & black. Explores the Antonyms & Synonyms of the word white.


Historic Racialist Publications online!

Joseph Tommasi was the founder and leader of the National Socialist Liberation Front. The NSLF focused on armed struggle against ZOG. He started as the Western District leader of the National Socialist White People's Party but broke with Matt Koehl and the NSWPP in Fall of 1973. Tommasi was killed during a brawl at the Los Angeles NSWPP headquarters on August 15, 1975. James Mason wrote quite a bit about him in a book called Siege.
The entire book is now available online.

In a tribute to our fallen
National Socialist
Comrade Joe Tommassi,
we now have the copy of the
28 page Stormer magazine,
SUMMER 1978 issue, available
on this site. This magazine has
a rare interview with Joe and plenty more National Socialist goodies!


The Aryan Nations is also proud to
provide an entire copy of the Stormtrooper.

Volume 6 #1 was printed nearly 40 years
ago by Commander George Lincoln
Rockwell's famous American Nazi Party.

The man who murdered the Commander
(John Patler) was the current editor
of the Stormtrooper.


Misc. Whitness:
Bob Matthews Tribute:Gone but not forgotten, tribute to our fallen commrade.
Aryan Nations Racialist comentary:
News articles, history & commentary from the original designer of this website.
Mexican Pedophilia:
It's all legal in Mexico: horny spic sex perverts abound.
White Quotes:
White leaders speak the truth from our suppressed history.

US Naturalization act of 1790: US law that let only whites become citizens.
Nukeisrael History: See what this site looked like in 2004 & 2005.

Special Thanks to Legion of Saints for all that they do.


None of the information within this site is copyrighted.
feel free to copy and distribute to the white public.
For more info:


Aryan Nations World Headquarters
P.O. Box 282
Converse, Louisiana 71419